Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This Matter of 'Taking It Easy' - Why Does it Become Difficult?!


Often our friends and relatives tell us to 'Take it easy' when we are in difficulties or in sorrow. It is good advice, no doubt, but people may come up with the jocular statement, "Yes, but taking it easy is not easy."! It is good to explore into this matter as it would open a doorway into ourselves.

People try to reach a state of peaceful mind through practising a method or a system, religious or otherwise. If it were to happen that way, there will always be the fear of losing what is gained and so continued stress will be felt in order to retain that state. It will be a matter of constant struggle to ensure that the peace is not lost. However, many people hope that they can reach permanent peace through adopting that approach. They are unaware that the psychological 'reacher' himself is impermanent! Even though it is a simple fact, many people are unwilling to acknowledge that fact. This is because the thought created 'I' has no intrinsic substantiality and so it is constantly in fear of being dissolved. That is why it is always moving out to hold on to something giving it a feeling of permanence. The fear of death also arises from the same cause.

If  some people rebel against the established systems and style themselves as non-believers, they make the mistake of over-emphasizing the rational mind’s ability to judge.  They remain unaware of the power of intuition. So they too alienate themselves from the abiding peace that is naturally there in us.    

When one sees the truism behind the above statements, one wonders, "How then does stable peace come at all?" Stable peace is our natural state and chasing it through thought projected things is what takes us away from it. UG Krishnamurti says, "Your attempt to become peaceful is creating the disturbance." Another Master asks, "How do you find a way to the house in which you are sitting?" Obviously, every way you take would lead you away from the house. People who have come that far know that the peace reached through a thought projected goal is false. That insight helps them to be free of all chases and there is a natural self-abidance - a state of falling into oneself through non-dependence. It augments an intrinsically peaceful mind because it is not based on a projected point of success through a method or a belief system.

As of now, only a small percentage of people seems to sense the above state of affairs and have the boldness to stand alone, free from all dependence. That aloneness has a purity and the associated peace that is self-sustaining. Then we can 'Take things easy' and apply ourselves to life passionately. Evolution on this planet is bringing more and more people into that awareness, though the process seems to be very slow. The current trend in the majority is still towards relying on sectarian practices that promise peace here and heaven after death. When the trend changes into one of self-abidance through inwardly directed awareness, the society will change to be one where there is unqualified love and all-pervasive camaraderie - no segregation whatsoever through nationality, religion etc.

Now, you can take it easy because you don't have to chase anything! 

Knowing how to take things easy, we would also know the seriousness with which we have to apply ourselves to our practical responsibilities.  Reflecting on the above, you will be able to strike your own trail towards the inner self and the abiding peace that is there naturally in you – like the deep ocean waters.   Related matters are covered in the website http://spirituality.yolasite.com


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